Sadly, it has been decided that Connect Kids Out Of School Care will be closing its doors.  

Connect Kids Out of School Care was originally set up in 2005 as the only business on the Coast and wider regions to provide before and after school care. Although it has been greatly popular with the children and parents on the Coast for the last 15 years, it has been struggling in a crowded market, only to be intensified by the current climate and effects of COVID- 19. 

Although a separate entity from Connect Church, run as a standalone business; significant time, effort, energy and resources have been poured into Connect Kids for the last few years, and it has been an extremely difficult decision for Connect Church Trustees as they have endeavoured to exercise good stewardship while taking into account the impacts of staff, parents and children of our loved programme.  

We want to thank Taara, the current Connect Kids Out of School Care team, and all of our previous staff who over the years have poured their hearts tirelessly into this work, as well as the many families from our community that have been a part of the programme. Without your support these past 15 years would not have been possible.  

The building will continue to be used for Connect Kids Nursery and the Sunday school program when we reopen as a Church, hopefully in the not too distant future. 

Again, we want to thank the team for their understanding and support and assure you and them that we will endeavour to do whatever we can to help support them through this time of change. Your prayers for them during this transition would be much appreciated.