Below is a list of our frequently asked questions:


Q. How do I register my child for one of your programmes? (Before School, After School or Holiday Programme) 

A. You can register a number of ways for our programmes. Online at any time under our Online Registration Form link (Click Here). Visit our office - please make an appointment. Holiday Programme registrations open approximately 5 weeks before the School Holidays. 


Q. What ages can you accommodate? 

A. We care for children from 5 - 13 years old who go to school.


Q. What time is the Before School Programme?

A. Monday - Friday 6.45am & children will be dropped off at all schools from 8.30am onwards.


Q. What time is the After School Programme?

A. Monday - Friday, 3pm - 7pm. 


Q. What happens when school finishes early? 

A.  Programmes are provided for early pick ups on days schools finish early, and teacher only days at an extra charge. You can add early finishes as an extra booking or call our office to arrange.


Q. Can you book just a few days in the Holiday Programme? 

A. Yes you can. We like to make life as easy as possible for parents. You can book one day or you can book for a week. Whatever suits you. 


Q. Can I get funding from CYFS for you my child for your Programmes? 

A. We are an approved CHILD, YOUTH & FAMILY programme. You will have to contact CYFS directly and see if you eligible for funding.


Q. What are the beliefs and principles that Connect Kids OSC operates on?

We are part of Connect Church and Connect Kids OSC is staffed and operates along Christian principles. This just means our staff are Christians, we ‘Give Thanks’ at meal times and we do short (5 minute) devotions with the children from The Bible.

This is always age appropriate, life application teaching on basic Christian principles such as respect, honesty, kindness and relationships.