Policy & Procedures

Please note: Some of the following details only apply to the Before & After School Care.

Operation details

A 1:10 adult to child ratio exists within the centre and a 1:8 ratio for out of centre excursions.


We welcome individual and on-going communication from you regarding your child.  We will communicate on a regular basis with you on your child’s care details e.g. homework, behaviour etc.  We require to be notified as soon as possible of any changes in family circumstances that may affect our contact with you (e.g. address, phone number, custody arrangements). Please advise us of any changes in writing, via text to 027 555 6092 or via email connectkids@connectchurch.nz


  • If a child is sick a parent must inform us prior to 1.30pm that their child will not be attending in the afternoon.  If a child becomes sick whilst in our care we will contact parents or family emergency contact people. Parents will be contacted if any medication needs to be administered e.g. Liquid panadol etc.
  • If a child becomes sick at school and is picked up, the person picking up the child from school must inform us that the child will not be attending that afternoon. 
  • The collection point for children is at the school office. If a child is booked in with us and is to be collected from school but is not at the collection area the following procedures will take place: The pick up person will then phone you and the Connect Kids Supervisor after first checking at the school office. They will then leave the school and return to Connect Kids. On arrival at Connect Kids, each child will be ticked off on the roll.
  • If a child has a serious accident or is sick while at Connect Kids OSC, First Aid will be administered by the staff. Every effort will be made to contact the parent or emergency family contact persons. Emergency aid will be sought if necessary.  Parents may be asked to come and collect their children if they are sick. 
  • Only authorised people may pick up your child. The staff must be kept informed as to the authorised people you have nominated.  Before any child leaves you must sign the attendance book.
  • Emergency policies and procedures in the event of a fire or earthquake are clearly displayed in the room.  Staff are trained in fire and earthquake drills and in other emergency procedures.


The welfare and interest of the children and their families is our first and paramount consideration. We will treat each child with respect, tailoring discipline to meet the need of the child in a caring and loving way.  We choose to offer children a positive parenting approach which includes some firm boundaries. As a last resort children will be given “Time Out” in an appropriate place (e.g. at a craft table or on a chair) under supervision of staff at all times. 

Children are not physically punished, disciplined or treated in a way that is degrading, humiliating or causes fear or anxiety.

The safety and wellbeing of all children will always be paramount.  If a child jeopardizes the safety or wellbeing of another or the whole group then they will be asked to leave the Centre.

Care guidelines

Respect authority & age

  • Use manners (Thank You, Please, Excuse me).
  • Address adults by Mr. or Mrs. unless otherwise advised.
  • Listen when you are supposed to (don’t call out or interrupt).
  • Always stay within eyesight (no-one out of bounds).
  • Respect each other
  • Respect property
  • Speak nicely to each other.
  • Include others in your games.
  • No physical pushing or hurting.
  • No games such as “Ball Tag” or rough play.
  • Use equipment properly.
  • If you break something or lose anything, be honest and report it to the staff     
  • Do not be rough with the Connect Kids OSC equipment.


Transport Rules

  • Children are collected from the school office by an authorised Connect Kids OSC staff member.
  • Quiet, sensible behaviour is required in the van so that the driver can concentrate. Children MUST wear their seatbelts.


All Connect Kids OSC policies are available to be read at our office.  These policies and procedures have been approved by CYFS and meet their guidelines and standards.

PLEASE NOTE Connect Kids OSC does not operate on a drop in basis—all children are required to be pre-enrolled.  We do take casual bookings on a daily basis.

Enrolment priority is given to children attending the After School Programme.

  • ABSENCES - Full fees will be incurred unless we are notified 5 working days in advance of an impending absence. Trip money will be fully refunded if applicable. Non-notified absences will be charged full fees.
  • SICK DAYS - Full fees will be charged. If we are notified 5 working days in advance no fees will be incurred (e.g. upcoming operation etc)
  • EARLY DROP OFFS/LATE PICK-UPS FEE – If your child is dropped off earlier than expected, or collected later than planned, a fee of $1 per minute (excluding the first 5 minutes) will be chargeable to a maximum of $25.00 .
  • WINZ SUBSIDY - Arrangements are between THE CLIENT and WINZ and cannot be used as an excuse for non-payment of the account.  Prior to care commencing, please discuss your subsidy arrangements with the Connect Kids OSC Supervisor who has a good knowledge of subsidies and the amount you will need to begin to pay. If you are WINZ customer trip fees must be paid in full at the beginning of each week.
  • INVOICES - These will be emailed weekly and where the client does not have access to internet they will be mailed.
  • PAYMENT - These may be made by cash, eftpos, cheque, credit card or by automatic or internet payment.  Our bank account number is 02-0733-0127359-004. Please include your account number and the child’s name as the reference

To assist families with cash flow and budgeting we will be invoicing for care every week. We would appreciate families setting up a weekly or fortnightly automatic or online payment to cover your fees.

If you are paid monthly, please inform our supervisor of this arrangement. WINZ customers also need to check with our supervisor for the amount they are required to pay weekly. Fees are due upon receipt of our invoice.

Holiday programme fees need to be paid in full at the beginning of each week of the holiday programme.

All payments enquiries must be directed to our accounts administrator. Onsite Programme Staff are not trained or authorised to address payment enquiries.

  • OVERDUE FEES POLICY - It is important to keep fees up to date. If through circumstances you are experiencing difficulty paying the fees, we ask that you promptly discuss with the supervisor your options. If no satisfactory payment options are made for overdue accounts, Connect Kids OSC will pass the account on to a Debt Collecting Agency. Debt Collection fees will be added to the amount outstanding.

There are no cancellation refunds for sickness or other absences. The full fee will be invoiced, unless we receive 5 working days notice, as we are required to organise staff and transport required for children booked in, in advance. 

Privacy Act – In providing personal information I acknowledge that:

  • This form collects personal information about you and will be maintained at Connect Kids OSC, 1 Realm Dr, Paraparaumu.
  • This information is being collected for the purposes of providing care at Connect Kids OSC for the children registered by you.
  • The intended recipients of this information are the staff and management of Connect Kids OSC.
  • You have right of access to and correction of personal information supplied to and held by Connect Kids OSC.
  • Please note that MSD will have access to enrolment information for audit purposes


  • Any online credit card payments will be processed through eWAY Payment Gateway. eWAY secures all your customer and credit-card data with military-grade software and servers, and the highest level of encryption available. 3PM will not store or transfer any of your credit card information. All data is transferred using eWAYs secure servers.